Organisation Projects

This site has now been completely redone using Wordpress. I was not involved in the redevelopment.

The first Healthy Parks Healthy People (shown above) used Joomla and was a colaborative effort between Sarah Bell of Licorice Frog, Kimberly Palmer of Brazen Productions and myself.The site was commissioned by Parks Victoria.

Sarah did a brilliant job with the graphics, CSS colours and fine tuning while Kimberly provided the article content. My role was to set up and install Joomla and the many modules that make the site useful. I modified the CSS to improve the site's presentation and create the mouse-over messages for the Channel images.

JS Community from Joomlashack was the template used.

The site can be accessed by going to

Goenergin February 2010

Goenergin was my first commercial site using Joomla and Virtuemart. Oscommerce was tried out but Joomla has the edge in site management and presentation.

It is possible to merge Joomla and osCommerce togther using JFusion. Before I had found this product Virtuemart was well on the way to being set up to Goenergin's needs. Virtuemart handles variations on stock much better, for example different sizes of a product. You have the choice of using stock control or not.

The site and contents are now easily managed by the site's owner thanks to Joomla CMS (Content Management System).

The site can be accessed by going to

The new site for the Eltham Model Railway Club uses a content management system powered by Joomla. Joomla is relatively easy to set up and there are many modules available to increase the site's usefulness and user appeal. The site's look can be quickly changed simply by changing the template for which there are many to choose from.

As the web host does not provide a back up service the EMRC site utilises JoomlaPack to produce backups. The site is backed up about once a week.

The site can be viewed by going to

My First Joomla module

Completed in September 2010, this is not a true module but a PHP script using Jumi to contain the code. The user must be logged in to view their club transactions.

My Subs page on the EMRC siteThe transactions are stored in a MySQL table within the Joomla database. The balance is calculated and if the member is in front, as shown above, a blue message box appears. If the member is behind an orange message box is shown with a reminder to pay up.

If the member is the club treasurer a small form is shown to allow the uploading of an output file from Quicken where the EMRC financial records are stored.

A future development will be to build a VB.NET front end to allow transactions to be entered directly into the database. As hosting is provided by a third party acquiring the necessary information is proving to be very slow.

Note: Content relating to club business is not accessible by the general public.

Archer Trading November 2008

Archer Trading's website was completed as project for Certicate IV in IT (Programming and Networking). The site makes little use of CSS. The rollover effect with the buttons is achieved by different images and Javascript. All product images were taken by me and edited using GIMP.

A future development under way is to store the products in a MySQL database so that customers can order products online.

The site can be accessed by going to