Practical Placement System


This was a second semester project. This project was built for the Work Education Centre at NMIT Preston campus. The client was consulted extensively on what they required. This information was used to design the underlying database and to write the System Request Specification.

This page contains the Application Screen shots and the documentation which assists users and support staff with the application.

Client Background

The Work Education Centre provides courses and work place assistance for student with special individual education needs. The students develop skills suitable for entry level work and it can lead to further education. The opportunities possible for students include Trades Assistant, Business Assistant, Packing/warehouse, Horticulture and the Car detailing/dismantling Service Industry .

A one page specification was provided and after consulting with WEC the following was identified as the key problems that the application needs to address:

  • Students do courses
  • Courses have placement component
  • Placements are obtained from employers
  • Up to 150 students; each needing a placement.
  • Post placement data Student & Year End reports.


Application Background

PPS uses an Access database to store all of the data. A front end, created with Visual Basic.NET provides for the user interface. All reports are generated using Crystal Reports. All business processes are done in the business tier of PPS.

The Team

Glenn Eaton , team leader
Joe Lee, administration
Jon Farmer, testing
Fahi Musis, standards

Application Screen Shots

For a larger view click on the image. To open in a new page or tab press the Control key when clicking.

Opening Screen

The opening screen which greets the user. Note the colour coded menu on the left of the screen.

Student Data form

Student information is managed here. Validation is done on all necessary fields to ensure that data will not corrupt the database.

Employer Data form

This form is used to manage employers and the placements that they offer to students. The placements are viewed and edited at the bottom of the form It can be called from the find tools form above to add a customer to the hire.

Match Student to Placement form

This form assists the user to match student the selected student to a placement. As customer details change this form is used to keep the database up to date.

Attach Student to a Placement

By assigning a student to a placement an agreement is created. A form can be printed out for signing by all parties.


Shown here is the menu for the many reports available. These were created using Crystal Reports.


Practical Placement System Documents

Before downloading please note that some files are quite large.

Most documents are in PDF format. If you don't have a PDFreader try Adobe or Foxit Software have an excellent one that is light on resources.

User Manual (7.2MB)

This contains the instructions for use. It includes screen shots and step by step instructions on how to tasks within the system. It is aimed at the typlical user.

Online Help System (292kB)

Accessed from the application the Online Help System provides the same help as the User Manual but in a format more suited to reading from the screen.


Technical Manual 2.2MB)

Being of interest to programmers and support staff, this document provides technical informaton to support maintenence and further enhancements for the application.

Practical Placement System Test Plan

The testing method to be used to check for correct performance of the application before acceptance testing by the client.


Presentation (4.9MB)

The project was presented to our peers and other interested parties including most importantly the client.

Each team member contributed to their own slides which were then assembled into one presentation.