Tool Time


This was a first semester introduction to the process of building a project. It also provided valuable experience in working as a team.

A one page specification was provided and the main functions of the application were determined as follows:

    • Track tools that have been hired
    • Allow the adding, editing and deleting of customers, equipment and hires.
    • Invoice customers at the end of the transaction
    • Access to a help facility
    • Generate reports


This page contains the Application Screen shots and the documentation which assists users and support staff with the application.

Application Background

Tooltime uses an Access database to store all of the data. A front end, created with Visual Basic.NET provides for the user interface. All business processes are done in the business tier of Tooltime.

The Team

Simon Jones, team leader
Glenn Eaton, administration
Adam Esposto, testing
Shawn Reece, testing
David Xalfa, standards
Cassie Martin, standards

Application Screen Shots

Opening Screen

The opening screen greets the user. The switch panel allows quick access to the most commonly used functions, they are creating hires and adding customers to the system.

A menu tree at the top provides easy access to manipulate all of the applications objects, they are tools, customers and hires.

The Find Tool form

Tools are added to the hire using this form.

Find Customer form

This form is used to find customers. It can be called from the find tools form above to add a customer to the hire.

Edit Customer Form

As customer details change this form is used to keep the database up to date.


Tool Time Documents

Before downloading please note that some files are quite large.

Most documents are in PDF format. If you don't have a PDFreader try Adobe or Foxit Software have an excellent one that is light on resources.

User Manual (600kB)

This contains the instructions for use. It includes screen shots and step by step instructions on how to tasks within the system. It is aimed at the typlical user.

Online Help System (292kB)

Accessed from the application the Online Help System provides the same help as the User Manual but in a format more suited to reading from the screen.


Technical Manual (452kB)

Being of interest to programmers and support staff, this document provides technical informaton to support maintenence and further enhancements for the application.



Presentation (4.9MB)

The project was presented to our peers. Each team member contributed to their own slides which were then assembled into one presentation.